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Here’s an unappetising question after the mayoral election: what of the former Tower Hamlets First councillors who make up a sizeable opposition in the council chamber.

Tower Hamlets councillor Rabina Khan

Tower Hamlets councillor Rabina Khan

Some, I would imagine – having enjoyed the heady roller-coaster ride – will want to return to the sanity of normal politics, perhaps by asking politely to rejoin a legitimate party (if they’re allowed).

Some will remain entrenched in bitter division – having grown fat on the diet in recent years – and will look to make trouble for the mayor in the hope that their time – and their exiled leader – will come again.

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Some will fast fade into the shadow, licking their wounds and perhaps coming to their senses (a sense of shame wouldn’t go amiss). Decent governance is what people voted for and it is their duty to deliver, not sulk.

Notable among the dislocated rump is Cllr Rabina Khan who made a decent fist of limited resources in her campaign but slunk away towards the end.

Her speech of defeat at the Excel seemed to have an undercurrent of resentment without being clear about the target (Mr Rahman for shackling her, I wonder?) Is she ready to play a part again?

Whatever rainbow coalition Mr Biggs composes and however his level-headed outlook keeps matters in perspective, this is still Tower Hamlets.

The budget he devises should make a generous provision for Cillit Bang – there’ll be blood on the carpet.