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In 2007, Prince played The O2 for sold-out 21 nights – a record-breaking residency that stands to this day.

And now for 21 days only, the Greenwich venue will play host to the props that turned a The exhibition My Name Is Prince opens on October 27 and will feature some of the singer’s most recognisable fashions and accessories, including the ruffled shirt and shiny purple coat that became his trade mark.

The orange cloud guitar he used during his legendary Super Bowl appearance will also be on show along with the Gibson L65 that Prince played during his first TV appearance.

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson, said: “This is the first time we’ve taken any items out of Paisley Park. I’m so excited to be able to meet the fans and share their Prince stories and give them hugs, and have a cry with them if need be.”

The exhibition will also feature accessories such as his gold and diamond ear clips, his sunglasses with three lenses, and a cane topped with the squiggle symbol that became his unpronounceable name during a turbulent period in his career.

Tyka said: “I love the cane and the glasses. I love the guitars. I love, love, love the clothes, and the shoes. Every single piece that he keeps over the years becomes my favourite.”

My Name Is Prince opens at The O2 on October 27. Tickets will be on sale from 25 August at 9am.

On display at My Name Is Prince



  • Clothing from the 1984/1985 Purple Rain tour & the 1988/1989 LoveSexy tour.
  • Wardrobe from the 1990 film, Graffiti Bridge.
  • Gibson L65 guitar that Prince used when he made his national television debut on American Bandstand in 1980. Also used on the Prince tour & Dirty Mind tour.
  • The original bass that was the inspiration for the Cloud guitar.
  • The orange cloud guitar made for Prince’s 2007 Super Bowl halftime performance (used during the Earth tour in 2007).
  • Third Eye sunglasses from 2014.
  • Diamond studded cane from 2015.
  • Clothing worn during the 2007 3121 shows, 21 nights at The O2 shows & many more.
  • The Raspberry Beret cloud suit from 1985.