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Residents of Surrey Quays can get some peace on Bank Holiday Sunday. A police crackdown on boy racers has forced the cancellation of a major tunnel run event.

More than 1,000 souped-up cars were expected to descend on Rotherhithe and Blackwall – gathering at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre then heading through the tunnels.

But after April’s event – which brought chaos and gridlock to the area – Met Police have decided to up their presence and organisers have pulled the gathering.

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Police warned the car enthusiasts: “There will be officers patrolling the Rotherhithe area. Unnecessary noise, anti-social behaviour or traffic offences will be dealt with robustly.”

The police also pointed out the area was subject to a dispersal zone and vehicles could be seized.

Alternative event

One organiser, Rob, told the Evening Standard : “So we have had to cancel the event and any other events in the London area. We have now set up a strictly ‘static’ (park and pose) event with much less attendees due to take place on the same day but outside of London.”

The two tunnels are favourites for racers because the enclosed space amplifies the sound of their engines. The underground roundabout at Canary Wharf is another hot spot for the same reason.