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The UK’s top fishmongers will be flaunting their fish filleting skills in London this August bank holiday weekend (August 26-27), as the British Fish Craft Championships return to the historic Billingsgate Market neighbouring Canary Wharf.

It is the competition’s 65th anniversary and is being held at Billingsgate for the first time since the mid-80s.

The competition will feature 55 of Britain’s finest fishmongers going head to head in a range of contests, from skinning flat fish to opening oysters, testing their traditional fish craft skills and techniques.

The overall winner will be crowned British Fish Craft Champion 2017 and will walk away with a share of the £4,000 prize fund.

On Saturday the masters of their craft will give the public the inside track, demonstrating step by step how to properly prepare fish.

Billingsgate Seafood Training School will then cook up some simple dishes using the expertly prepared cuts for visitors to sample.

Learn fish skills yourself

The competition on Sunday is not restricted to fish. Spectators will see fishmongers reveal their other skills in preparing game and poultry, including the trimming and jointing of a rabbit and the preparing of a guinea fowl crown.

Marcus Coleman, CEO of headline sponsor Seafish , said: “The event is a fantastic celebration of the traditional techniques used in this centuries-old profession.

“It’s a unique opportunity to witness first-hand the expertise and commitment required to create the quality produce of our nation’s favourite dishes.”

The British Fish Craft Championships will provide a chance for the public to learn the skills

The British Fish Craft Championships will provide a chance for the public to learn the skills

Competition organiser Gary Hooper said: “We are delighted to be back in the capital again. This competition is the only one of its kind that rewards the finely-honed skills of our fishmongers and allows them to receive the recognition they deserve.”