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There’s never snow in London, right? And if it does snow then it never settles. These are the rules of thumb that the Beast from the East has upended and put the capital into a whole new perspective. Twitter and Instagram can’t get enough of capturing familiar landmarks looking cool in white.

It’s a magical world



For some more than others…

Perfect camera weather

But spring has been postponed

Snow update

Heavy snow across the UK caused major disruption to roads, railways and air travel with police warning drivers to avoid the roads as emergency services deal with crashes and stranded motorists.

Hundreds of schools have been closed after overnight temperatures dropped to almost -12C (11F) in some areas.

A number of flights have been cancelled and rail operators have warned disruption will continue throughout Wednesday.

Rural communities could also be cut off as power cuts and mobile phone network interruptions are expected.

Flights disrupted

  • British Airways says flights are likely to be affected throughout the week and warns that for “several hours during the worst of the weather” on Wednesday, flights will be reduced “proactively” at Heathrow
  • Gatwick Airport says it is running without delays, but has asked passengers to check with airlines before travelling
  • Some flights out of Edinburgh have been cancelled and more than 50 departures have been cancelled from London City Airport


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