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The Canary Wharf ice rink has been, er, put on ice this year. The organisers have decided to take a break “so we can look at new ways to bring you an expanded and improved event in future years”.

If only they could have found a natural break in the year-round, relentless, never-ending outdoor ice skating merry-go-round. But, no, there’s never a moment’s peace. So they broke into their hectic 24/7 schedule of twizzles and toe-loops to cancel the annual Wharf ice-capades and have a good ol’ think.

We have one suggestion. How about call it the “Canary Wharf Ice Rink” rather than “Ice Rink Canary Wharf” because – “go skating will we, to Ice Rink Canary Wharf we must go” is a sentence only really suitable for a very niche market (know who it is, you do).

So what’s coming?

From Monday, October 28, there’s the Off Piste bar at Canada Square Park, complete with alpine cabins, and a pizza-based menu, courtesy Radio Alice. It’s open six days a week and stays there until February 29, 2020.

What’s the pitch?

“This winter, escape to the mountains by way of Canada Square Park, where the snowy slopes of the Alps have been reimagined in our magical après-ski pop-up bar.

“Off Piste Bar will bring the best of the world’s luxury ski resorts to the heart of the financial district, with an enviable bar menu and a selection of sourdough pizzas served from Canary Wharf favourite Radio Alice.

“Our ultra-high-definition interactive screen will provide the perfect winter backdrop to your experience, showcasing festive footage and atmospheric snow scenes. DJ sets throughout the season will also keep the Christmas spirit alive.

“And while it may be cold outside, there will be no need for thermals – the bar is enclosed and heated, and the outdoor terrace area will be complete with vertical state-of-the art heaters.”

What about those log cabins though?

Each of the heated cabins seats up to 16 people and comes complete with table service and user-controlled music systems.

Do say

“Can I get some more ice with this – a couple of hundred square metres should cover it.”

Don’t say

“Enough of the shoop-shoop-on-a-loop-athon – there’s footie on the other side.”


For more details about the menu, drinks, reservations and opening times visit the website.