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Punch tracking has moved on a lot since you were decking gormless Ren, Tyrone and Pierre on Wii Sports. Now we’re in the era of cutting-edge shadow boxing – and it’s going to be as big as AJ’s bicep in 2020.

This body-worn fitness device, relatively new to the scene, puts some stats with your sweat with promises to boost the benefit of your work-out one southpaw uppercut at a time.

The tech is not a million miles from the Wii wand and nanchuck, only it’s funky and cool and barely noticeable. While your fists are a blur, unobtrusive motion sensors sit on your wrists – beneath your wraps – and clock the number, velocity and intensity of your punches via a smartphone app.

Big punch-track brand Hykso’s kit (pictured) promises to track your hands 1,000 times a second and offers deep-dive data for the purist – such as the difference categorising punches into straights – jabs and crosses – and power punches (hooks and uppercuts) as well as comparisons with big name fighters.

There’s a recreation of Wii’s boxing’s mad flail – a 12-second punch challenge that tops off a busy workout in which, depending on all the variables, could have burnt 300-400 calories for an hour of shadow boxing.

Punching classes are big business for boutique gyms and soon a number of brands will be incorporating trackers into their training. Specialist boxing gym 12×3 at Aldgate is already there as one of the first.

At £174.99, the Hykso Tracker, this is a serious bit of kit for those already in the boxing fitness game who are looking to make more from their workout.

3 to try

If you’re looking for a more Las Vegas than Living Room for your training, think about these high tech Canary Wharf venues:

  1. Sweat by BXR, inspired by stakeholder Anthony Joshua, is now open in Crossrail Place
  2. Awakn, on Mall Level 1, Jubilee Place offers bag punching in combination with treadmill and weights
  3. Third Space has a range of combat classes including Fight Klub and sparring by invite.