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The largest ever solo exhibition from sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld will extend its residency at Canary Wharf until 2021.

Installed shortly before lockdown, the exhibition entitled Looking Up, is available to view free of charge for visitors making their way back to the estate as social distancing measures ease.

Works staged in the lobby of One Canada Square will continue to be on view until Friday 6 November 2020, illustrating the range of materials Blumenfeld has become known for. Distinctive types of marble; Statuario and Travertine, as well as bronze, wood and terracotta, feature throughout.

Blumenfeld becomes accessible

Seven new pieces were created specifically for the indoor exhibition, including Toward the Precipice (2019), carved from marble, which is presented alongside Flight (2019) and Aurora (2018), two cedar wood sculptures standing at over 2.5 metres, making a striking impression.

The monumental outdoor works will be in position until the end of January 2021 and can be found throughout the Estate.

The exhibit spans Blumenfeld’s impressive career and features pieces dating back to the 1970s. One of Blumenfeld’s more recent works, Taking Risks (2019), is made from Carrara marble and demonstrates her ongoing drive to create inspirational and contemporary sculpture, and her passion for making art accessible.

Among the assortment of large-scale works is Metamorphosis, commissioned by Canary Wharf Group in 2019The piece is the newest addition to the permanent collection of public art housed on the Estate, which boasts over 75 pieces.

New work at Wood Wharf

The four-metre bronze sculpture was revealed in Canary Wharf’s new district, Wood Wharf, and joins previously commissioned sculpture Fortuna (2016), located in Jubilee Park.

For visitors making their way back onto the Estate, full social distancing measures have been put in place to make it accessible and safe.

Those not able to visit the exhibition in person can enjoy the display of Blumenfeld’s work virtually here.

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