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A six-day climate change event, Overheated, will take over The O2 in June – with singer Billie Eilish sure to grab the headlines.

Overheated takes place during Eilish’s Happier Than Ever tour dates at the North Greenwich venue – and the event will see support from environmental activist groups Support+Feed and Reverb.

Across six days in June, Overheated brings together climate activists, musicians and designers to discuss the climate crisis and the work they are doing to make a difference. Topics will range from greening practices in the music industry to sustainable fashion.

Each day will feature unique programming including panel discussions, live performances, a documentary viewing, and opportunities for the public to take climate action.

Live Overheated discussions

The cross-campus event will kick off on Friday, 10 June with Overheated Live, a panel event taking place in Indigo at The O2, featuring introductions by Billie Eilish and Finneas and a special keynote speaker to be announced.

The panel event aims to offer up solutions, generate ideas and create conversation for change.

The discussion, hosted by BBC Music’s Abbie McCarthy and feature Jack Harries, Tori Tsui, Maggie Baird, Vanessa Nakate among other climate activists, will share their thoughts on topics ranging from the positive impact of a plant-based diet to making fashion more sustainable.

Free clothes swap

All visitors to The O2 will have the opportunity to experience the free Citizen-T Playground, which will be located at the All Bar One Space from 10-12 June. The playground will feature a free clothes swap as well as talks from fashion sustainability experts.

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A short film will also play at Cineworld. The Overheated documentary, featuring Billie Eilish, and will dive into the climate issues.

The film will be accompanied by an Overheated Manifesto in WePresent’s ongoing “A Manifesto By…” series in which creatives and activists from Willie Nelson, Ai Weiwei to Patrisse Cullors from Black Lives Matter write their “10 rules to live by”.

Fight climate change

The final Overheated panel event, taking place in the O2 Blueroom, will bring together environmental leaders within the music industry to discuss future solutions, and explore efforts to engage the music community in climate action.

Maggie Baird, founder of Support+Feed said, “We are thrilled to be in London and to have this opportunity to connect and discuss different ways we can take action to mitigate the climate crisis.”

Adam Gardner, co-founder of environmental non-profit Reverb, said, “Building upon our sustainability work on Billie’s world tour, and engaging fans at her shows to take climate action, we’re excited to empower even more people to take significant climate action and engage the music industry to do more through Overheated.

Full itinerary

10 June

Overheated Live at indigo at The O2 – Presented by Support+Feed and Red Carpet Green Dress

Session 1: 11am-1pm

Hosted by Abbie McCarthy. Featuring Tori Tsui, Maggie Baird, Earthrise, Jack Harries and more to be announced. And very special guest Vanessa Nakate

Session 2: 3pm-5pm

Hosted by Abbie McCarthy. Introductions by Billie Eilish and Finneas. Featuring Samata Pattinson & Isaias Hernandez and more to be announced. Keynote by speaker to be announced

10-12 June

Overheated Citizen-T Playground at All Bar One Space at The O2. Featuring a free slow-fashion clothes swap and talks

10-12, 16, 25-26 June

Overheated Documentary commissioned by WePresent, the digital arts platform of WeTransfer.

Screening at Cineworld at The O2 and on WePresent from 10 June.

Featuring Billie Eilish, Dame Vivienne Westwood, Maggie Baird, Finneas, Girl in Red, Samata Pattinson, Tori Tsui, Yungblud and mor.

16 and 26 June

Youth Activist daily programming at the All Bar One Space at The O2. Featuring some of the UK’s biggest climate activist groups, full details to follow. Talks and workshops.

16 June

Overheated Music Climate Session in the O2 Blueroom. Presented by The Big Climate Thing & Reverb. Industry panels for a more sustainable business and music community. Hosted by Abbie McCarthy. Featuring Sigrid, Love Ssega, Kurt Langer, Lara Seaver, Maggie Baird, and more.

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